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"two players" intro and seems to be intended for just them, but then Suzy shows up unexpectedly and nonchalantly asks to join, causing the episode to restart with the "three players" intro.

The video thumbnail spoiled her surprise entrance, though, by showing her.

Super Monkey Ball, yoshi's Story, vice Project Doom (Ft.

ProJared jared makes a creeper face in the opening skit at the beginning of the episode when he agrees to play games with Ross.

More than half of Part 1 is outtakes showing just how much difficulty Ross, Jared, and Barry had filming the skit because they were attending magfest at the time and shot it there for convenience, since Jared hadn't.

It lasts upwards of 17 minutes, and at least 24 minutes in real-time while trying to do the skit (3:36AM - 4:00AM all to get less than thirty seconds worth of material.

Here's what happened: Everyone waited late into the night to shoot the skit, after most people save the night owls and EMTs had gone to bed.

They kept failing to get a good set of takes due to winging the scene with little rehearsal and Ross having to duck inside Jared's room to hide over and over again to avoid being spotted, or Jared's guest appearance could've been spoiled online.

Or worse their room number could have gotten leaked.

Good luck getting any privacy if that happened.

Game Grumps shirt may or may not have passed by, but Jared could tell he was wearing purple leggings.

Ross and Jared were going to kiss, but this didn't work out due to a combination of what is listed here and lack of time.

At one point, security passed by and Ross bolted inside, then some big lug unknowingly propped himself near their door while yapping to somebody for a good long time.

Then the two strangers and somebody out of camera range wrote a note to slip under the hotel door.

Because they recognized Ross's voice.

They were apparently just "magfest staff"- "3 bored department heads" asking about their impressive camera rig.

Arin, Jared, and Barry all thought it was a clever ruse to make them spill the beans about Jared's guest appearance.

They were department heads who thought the group was filming a gay porn because Ross said "slippery butt" one too many times.

The trio call it a night because they're afraid their room number is going to be exposed and plan to edit what they got out of their shoot in post-production, at which point Ross tries to imitate a strip tease like a real porno.

Part 2 has Jared and Ross trying to defeat the third boss.

Somehow, Jared beats him with zero health.

Cue a mutual freak-out.

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