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Se x stories

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Se x stories
during cold and flu season, because it always takes me forever to get well.

So if youre not doing so already, wear a mask.

Do it for.

Chapter 1 The Beginning, twenty-something Pam is babysitting Jeremy, a ten year old.

She has an unexpected reaction when she realizes hes no longer a little boy who thinks girls are gross.

Chapter 2 Truth or Dare, though she still feels embarrassed about Jeremys attention, Pam calls his bluff when they play Truth or Dare.

Pam miscalculates the dosage of Jeremys allergy medication.

Chapter 4 Up Periscope, pam is trying to define the boundaries of an appropriate relationship, but Jeremy has other ideas.

Chapter 5 A Turning Point, pam and Jeremy are camping in his backyard.

She learns some interesting things about Jeremy, including the mystery of his Coppertone obsession.

Chapter 6 Breaking the Seal.

Pam and Jeremy go for a hike in the woods.

His backpack contains everything a person needs for hiking: beef jerky, trail mix, water, and a pair of handcuffs?

Chapter 7 The Worst Birthday Ever.

Jeremys parents announce some unexpected news that affects everyone.

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