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edit, tradesman's Entrance - second smaller entrance to the cave.

Due to early attempts to turn it into a show cave, 2 there are the remains of iron handrails inside the cave.

There is a large amount of decoration throughout the cave.

Many of the surfaces within are highly polished and slippery, as a result of numbers visiting over many decades, which have also damaged the decoration.

The cave is especially popular for training people who are new to caving.

This is due to its easy access and wide range of experiences that do not necessitate the use of special equipment such as ropes or ladders.

The two entrances to the cave enable cavers to do a through trip.

History edit, the earliest written record of this cave was in 1736 when.

John Strachey of, sutton Court at nearby, stowey made reference to "guy Hole" or "Goechurch".

In 1829 John Rutter wrote about the large cave and in 1864.

William Boyd Dawkins referred to it as "The Goatchurch" although he also used the name "Goat's Hole" in 1874.

It is possible that the local dialect corrupted "Guy" into "Goat" to provide the current name.

3, it is thought that Goatchurch Cavern was explored by lead miners in the 19th century.

4, around 1900 the owner unsuccessfully tried to turn it into a show cave.

2, in 1924, uBSS dug open the second entrance.

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