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Agent for the Compaq and HP compute models listed below that support Intelligent Manageability and are running one of th operating systems listed below nbsp.

Local alerting notifies th user if the system temperature has been exceeded under normal operatin conditions or if an imminent drive failure has been detected.

Snmp agents allo the system to be managed by snmp-compliant management application such as Insight Manager.

nbsp, desktop Managemen, interface (DMI) support allows the computer to be managed.

nbsp, dMI Web agents allow th computer to be managed both locally and remotely by web browser (Interne, explorer.01 or later) nbsp, purpose: Routine Releas softpaq number: SP2290 supercedes: SP22542 SP21716, SP20992, SP20136, SP19865, SP19417, SP17511, SP17720, SP16936.

Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit Hom Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit Professiona language(S Brazilian Portugues PRC Chines Danis Finnis Frenc Germa Italia Japanes Korea Dutc Norwegia Portugues Russia Swedis Spanis Tha Taiwan Chines Hong Kong Chines US Englis fixes: nbsp.00 Rev.

H  - SP Fixes lockup conditio when setup is run as a scheduled task with no current user logged into the machine.

Fixes "cannot loa cpqhci.

DLL" message on.0 introduced in Rev G - No longer reports extr keyboards and pointing devices in the web agen by using data from WMI instead of DMI - Fixes errors on Driver and Services web page.

G  - SP Known issue: Fails t load on.0 - Fixes Smart Cover Senso alert messages for Evo desktops and workstations - Fixes reporting of ID devices on new systems that use the driver "IdeChnDr".

F SP Provides workaround fo intermittent TempOK event log messages seen on W6000 - Name change fro "Compaq Management Agents" to "Insight Management Agent" - Provides better suppor for Video display asset tracking on desktop systems - Fixes reporting.

E SP Fixes potential web agen buffer overrun security problem, by upgradin cpqhmmo.

DLL from version.5.7 - Fixes video bios ROM dat detection on newer video controllers - Fixes problem wit keyboard input on full screen DOS session applications - Display the agent buil date on the Alert Properties.

DLL" - Show Parallel port IRQ o the web page only if it is valid, not equal t 255 - Fixes System Board we page script error, "HoodRemovalDate.0 is null or no an object" on systems.

Thi was previously hard coded to type "error" for al messages - Report critica temperature notifications once per minute.

Degrade temperature conditions are still reported only once on th transition fro okay to degraded - Device driver (2.0.7.

"2.0 G1 change fixes blue screen encountered wit special MBR INT15 boot loader hook nbsp.00 Rev.

D SP Fixed S blu screen on notebook PC's with newer ATI video driver - Fixed S blu screen during install on non-Compaq bios systems - Report IDE drive siz larger than 137 GB correctly - Fixed problem tha prevented.

EXE t report docking station serial number and monito manufacturer - Fixed problem wher collect hangs when getting PCI information - Install correct languag help file and Technical Release Notes - Fixed java script erro on Drivers Services web page nbsp.00 Rev.

C SP Fixed reporting dockin station serial number when using collect.

EX - Fixed web page link fo Operating System nbsp.00 Rev.

B SP Delete S o upgrade to prevent blue screen problems - Fixed S t prevent Security32 blue screen on EVO Notebooks - Fixed cpqalert abnorma termination problem when right clicking the taskba icon to view properties nbsp.00 Rev.

A SP Client Web Agent include WMI instrumentation capability - Supports Portables Desktops, and Workstation - Changed Setup program t use Install Shield. .

Corporat deployment option have changed slightly - Use web server cpqhmmo.

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