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was designed by David Carver; the specification for version 2 of the protocol was written in July 1991.

1, it is mainly used today to resize video content in the video controller hardware in order to enlarge a given video or to watch it in full screen mode.

Without XVideo, X would have to do this scaling on the main CPU.

That requires a considerable amount of processing power, which could slow down or degrade the video stream; video controllers are specifically designed for this kind of computation, so can do it much more cheaply.

Similarly, the X video extension can have the video controller perform color space conversions, and change the contrast, brightness, and hue of a displayed video stream.

In order for this to work, three things have to come together: The video controller has to provide the required functions.

The device driver software for the video controller and the X display server program have to implement the XVideo interface.

The video playback software has to make use of this interface.

Most modern video controllers provide the functions required for XVideo; this feature is known as hardware scaling and, yUV acceleration or sometimes as 2D hardware acceleration.

X display server has implemented XVideo since version.0.2.

To check whether a given X display server supports XVideo, one can use the utility xdpyinfo.

To check whether the video controller provides the required functions and whether the X device driver implements XVideo for any of them, one can use the xvinfo program.

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