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much sense.

Today Im reviewing a place called Pornky TV, and I wished for the life I me I knew what the KY was at the end of the word porn.

I guess well never find out, but the good news is that it shouldnt matter all that much especially if youre someone whos interested more in adult entertainment videos than you are website names.

Im about to jump on in to Pornky TV for a full review, so if you want the opinion of an expert on this destination, continue reading and Ill give you my complete, honest take on what this place has to offer.

First impressions from Pornky TV, let me begin by saying that Pornky TV doesnt exactly try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to its design.

The homepage is very much standard in the sense of how many tubes are set up youll find around 80 of the page is devoted to showing you various videos that you can watch on the website.

This classic rich display includes a preview image from the scene, its title, like rating and last of all, length.

These are pretty much the minimum requirements I expect from a tube website when it comes to content display, so props to the gang behind the design here theyre keeping things useful but minimal.

Far too often I find tubes going crazy with the amount of data they give you: keep it clean and your viewers will love you!

The content here is displayed by default by upload date, although you can use the links in the header to find more useful destinations.

For instance, if youd prefer to look at the top rated smut on Pornky TV, click here.

This tube also has a section where it showcases the clips on the website that have received the highest number of views great if you want to know whats getting peoples attention.

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