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When confronted, Sam denies that anything is wrong, but Michelle does some snooping and discovers that Sam has a love of milf porn.

Michelle figures that if Sam can get the fantasy of fucking a milf out of his system, he'll finally be able to give her daughter the attention she deserves.

Kira Noir and Paige Owens, both alone and horny, decide to reconnect via a video chat.

Things start innocently enough, but after Kira wins a high stakes online game, she teases a shy Paige into getting naked on camera.

As both ladies get more turned on, they start coaxing each other to play with themselves and use toys for their amusement.

The call ends with both women fully satisfied and agreeing to catch up more often.

Two couples get together for a week-end in the mountain.

What was supposed to be a heart warming reunion turns into a sex-driven escapade.

In episode one, we follow the stunning and ever horny Abigail Mac.

She shocks her husband Charles Dera when she reveals that Luna Star, the long time friend they're going to meet up at the cabin, taught her how to fuck back in her college years.

Tension rises as the two couples indulge in seasonal activities.

While they recharge in the jacuzzi, Abigail and Luna sneakily tease each other.

However, Abigail truly succumbs to her desire when Small Hands, Luna's husband, takes her for a hike in the woods.

After as snowball fight, the two panting hotties get closer, and naked.

It doesn't take too long before Abigail is on her knees, warming up Small's dick with her spit.

A tree trunk padded with a winter coat makes a perfect love bed for the lusty woman.

There, she spreads her legs wide.

Small pounds Abigail's eager pussy with all his might.

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