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food we eat to the way we are born.

The rise of life sciences began when James Watson and Francis Crick unravelled the mysteries of the DNA code in 1953.

Twenty years later and across the Atlantic, scientists Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer invented the technique of transferring genetic material across specieslaunching the field of genetic engineering and the biotechnology industry.

With these developments came the promise of a cornucopia of agricultural and biomedical advances and industrial applications.

Advances in biotechnology have brought pest resistant crops that increase agricultural yield and decrease the need for chemical pesticides.

The development of golden rice in 1999 has the potential to reduce blindness in rice-based societies by increasing beta carotene production and accumulation in the edible part of the grain.

In June 2006, the International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies reported that the number of children born through in vitro fertilisation and other assisted reproductive technologies reached approximately 200,000 per year world-wide (Adamson.

2006) and had topped 3 million since the first test tube baby, Louise Brown, was born in 1978.

Proponents of stem cell research suggest that cures for Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases, spinal cord injuries, and degenerative organ conditions, are within reach.

Unsullied by the missteps of other sciencesthe atomic bomb brought to us by physicists, or the horrors of mustard gas or dangers of pesticides developed by chemistsbiotechnology promised hope and life.

However, its emergence has been replete with contradictions and has fostered profound ethical and moral debates in countries around the globe.

Reproductive technologies and embryonic stem cell research raise fundamental questions about when life actually begins.

When does a cluster of cells become a human being that deserves to be protected under the law?

If a woman carries a child in her womb that is the genetic product of another woman and man, whose child is it?

Other biotech products raise equally challenging questions.

What if genes from genetically modified crops are unintentionally introduced into the natural environment, and cause serious ecological harm?

Is the potential to alleviate hunger worth the risk?

By examining how different countries have wrestled with the complexities of biotechnology we can learn how social, scientific, and political processes respond to an ever changing knowledge base.

Responses to biotechnologyfor instance, supporting or curtailing the introduction of genetically modified organisms into the environment or stem cell researchhave far reaching implications not only for human health and the environment, but also for democracy.

How citizens come to understand these scientific advances, the avenues available for them to respond to and shape legislative and regulatory responses, and who they trust to speak authoritatively about the issues are important facets of political decision making involving biotechnology.

These questions underpin Sheila Jasanoffs (2005).

Same science, different outcomes, responses to biotechnology have far reaching implications for human health and the environment.

Jasanoff builds on sociologists claims that societies once based on industry are now increasingly based on knowledge.

In other words, the wealth of nations no longer rests on the exploitation of natural resources or production capabilities.

Rather, it rests on knowledge specifically scientific knowledge and technical expertise.

In knowledge-based societies, she argues, knowledgeable individuals constitute possibly the most important form of capital (p.

4)and government policies increasingly reflect this development.

As policies change, so too does the distribution of resources and the economic and political roles of science and industry.

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