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Up skirt no panties

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Up skirt no panties
performances, if made out of natural fiber such as cotton, it can serve as a variation to a modern-day American Tribal Style or tribal fusion look.

Made from shiny fabric such as tissue lam or charmeuse, it sparkles under the stage lights of a nightclub or catches the glint of the sun outdoors.

This skirt made of 2 or 3 half-circle panels drapes gracefully over the hips, falling into a full hemline at the bottom edge.

In the photograph to the right, which was taken by Jeff Halpin, I am wearing a 3-panel circle skirt of turquoise tissue lam, and over that a darker blue accent skirt made using a circle skirt pattern with some shaping of the lower edge.

Click on the photo to see more detail.

Table of Contents, about the Circle Skirt, the circle skirt has been a favorite part of the belly dancer's costume wardrobe for many years.

It has minimal bulk at the hipline, yet is very full at the floor.

For dancers who want a modern-day nightclub-style costume, this skirt is very satisfying to wear because it enhances the movements of the dance.

Made of inexpensive fabric such as nylon tricot, it can be fun to wear for class or rehearsal.

If made of fabric that is not see-through, you can wear the circle skirt by itself, or you can wear pantaloons underneath for a more modest look.

The pantaloons can be either sheer or opaque.

I like to layer two or more circle skirts, each made of different fabric but in colors that look good with each other.

In this photograph, I am performing a double veil dance wearing three circle skirts made of tissue lam fabric one each in red, green, and gold.

Each is made with 3 panels.

Note how the fabric responds to the momentum of spinning.

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