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lie, Ive been having a few problems in my personal life which have taken a toll on my health.

Its now been more than four full years that Ive been developing adult games without taking a vacation.

Tips: -To jump use C key.

Item Searching To cancel just move your mouse to the bottom.

(X Icon) -Some object are movable just click Enter in front of one.

Search all rooms and places.

Use gallery room to view other routes sex scenes.

Day 1 Morning: Maid: Go to your room / Speak with her / Try to open her room / Go upstairs search dads pockets / Go back to maids room / Check wardrobe (look up) / Move table.

Mom: Speak with her a few times / Kitchen Take glass / Sink Fill glass with water / Go to her, above the pool is mud use glass on it / Use this glass.

Christine: Available after the maid / Speak with her / Under the pool check tables search for dads key / Go to dads office Take camera / Go to your room (right side) take camera battery / Connect items / Use camera on sister.

Saleswoman: Check tool shed / Speak with gateguard / Go to top-right green bush under your window bedroom search key / Go to tool shed take rope / Use rope on the fence / Take barrel.

Day 1 Evening: Mom: Try to enter her bedroom / Go to dads office / Speak with him two times Search parents bedroom key / Go to her.

Christine: Try enter bathroom / Go check your window / Flashlight is in the tool shed under the desk (look down Take also screwdriver from there / Go to home look at the glass table take console remote /.

Use screwdriver on remote / Connect batteries with flashlight / Use window / Jump to bathroom window / Go back to room.

Ellis: Speak with her / Go take ice from the frezeer / Go give her that / Go to the bathroom take towel / Connect items / Use it on her.

Day 2 Morning: Friends Mom: Speak with kevin / Speak with chauffeur / Go check gate / Go inside tree house / Check window / Check bench near tree house / Use car key on the.

Back to kevin / Blackmail her / Go back home to moms bedroom take sexy clothes top and bottom / Connect it / Go back to her.

Mom: Speak with her / Swim with her.

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