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approachable he was to those in the squadron he led, commenting that he was quite friendly and would joke around with his fellow pilots.

It says a lot that his sworn enemies gave the man a burial with full military honors, out of sheer respect for his prowess and valor as a fellow Sky Warrior.

It is even rumored that tears were shed at the funeral by those who lost friends to his red triplane's gunfire.

The fact that Richthofen was only in his early twenties during his career and airplane technology was relatively new and yet he still managed to shoot down 80 freaking planes, it's no surprise why everyone in the war respected the guy.

Which also makes his death somewhat ironic he wasn't killed by an enemy pilot, but by a lucky shot from a machine gunner on the ground (after being chased down there by an enemy pilot; while the circumstances are.

He managed to make a controlled landing right before he bled out.

Wrote the Book on air combat.

Modern fighter pilots still live or die according to how well they learn the lessons he taught.

Richthofen had some other nicknames, but they didn't stick as well.

He was called "Le Diable Rouge" Red Devil and "Le petit Rouge" Little Red by the French, and the "Red Knight" in by the British.

Naturally, the Red Baron's exploits inspired many fictional adaptations, which are filed under the trope.

The greatest military man in Brazilian history, the.

Duke of Caxias, had two: one he shared with.

The Duke of Wellington : "O Duque de Ferro" The Iron Duke (though unlike Wellington, his was entirely due to prowess in battle the other was "O Pacificador" The Peacemaker because of his career crushing rebellions and destroying.

Another Brazilian was Manuel Lus Osrio, the Marquis of Erval, he was nicknamed "O Legendrio" The Legendary.

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